Moms Transmit the Faith

A Course in Catholic Teaching for Mothers of Young Children

Mothers are the heart of the home. This course will increase YOUR understanding of the Catholic faith in order to pass it on more effectively to your children.


Welcome To Moms Transmit the Faith

As the first and most important educators of their children, parents give personal testimony to the value and meaning of life. For Christian parents, this testimony must always be based on a deep knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. A mom cannot transmit this understanding if she doesn’t have it herself. 

With more profound insights into the Catholic faith, moms can become compelling Christian witnesses to their families and society. The challenge we have (and always have had) is to do our best to understand, accept, and love our faith; the way we live our lives and form our children is the ultimate proof of this effort.

The author of Moms Transmit the Faith, Patrice Westman, developed the program over 40 years ago, starting with small groups of moms in the home. The program’s written materials were granted the imprimatur in 2012.


The Moms Transmit the Faith Course Entails:

12 Ninety-Minute Sessions

Each session takes place in the same location, either a church, someone’s home, or other comfortable space.

Meeting Other Moms

Join other moms in the same season as life as you and journey together as you rediscover the beauty of your Catholic faith.

Easy-to-Understand Talks

Each talk explains the “whys” behind the Catholic faith, making it easier to teach these truths to our children.

Practical Applications + Tips

We will suggest ways of living out these truths and give you tips on living Catholic devotion in your family.


Moms Transmit the Faith Session Overview

Session 1

Where Do the Truths of the Catholic Faith Come From?

Session 2

How Does the First Sin Affect Me Today?

Session 3

Where is Jesus Christ Now? The Church, Scripture, and Tradition.

Session 4

What Do I Need to Get to Heaven? Grace and Virtue.

Session 5

Where Am I Headed When I Die? Life After Life.

Session 6

Is There Right and Wrong, and Who Decides?

Session 7

Why and How Must I Form My Conscience, and Avoid Sin?

Session 8

How Can I Do God’s Will By Loving Him and Others?

Session 9

How Does Christ Support My Struggle? The Sacraments. 

Session 10

Who is Mary? The Mother of God and My Mother. 

Session 11

Why and How Do Catholics Pray?

Session 12

How Can I Put Our Faith Into Practice? Terms and Traditions


History and Explanation of the Program


Patrice Westman resides in St. Louis, Missouri. She and her husband, Tim, have seven children and fourteen grandchildren. They have lived in Milwaukee, Chicago, and St. Louis over the thirty-six years of their marriage. Patrice hopes that this program may serve to bring groups of young mothers and their families closer to Christ through a better understanding of the Catholic faith.

IMPRIMATUR (#612) for Moms Transmit the Faith

In accordance with Canon 827, permission to publish has been granted on November 26, 2012, by the Most Reverend Edward M. Rice, Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese of St. Louis. Permission to publish is an indication that nothing contrary to Church teaching is contained in this work. It does not imply any endorsement of the opinions expressed in the publication; nor is any liability assumed by this permission


What Other Moms Have to Say:

Moms Transmit the Faith has been taught to moms all across the country! Take a look at what some of our past participants have to say about the MTF course.

This program was like the “what” and “why” that I either forgot from my Catholic education or never got. I especially appreciated learning it in the context of raising our little kids in the faith.  -AP

The lessons I learned here will make an impact on the rest of my life personally and how I talk to and raise my children. I also loved all the book references and other materials to read more about different topics. -AP

Since I wasn’t raised Catholic, this program helped me understand and love concepts of the faith so I can live them better and my children will, also. -KH

I felt uplifted and recharged every time I went to MTF. I was surrounded by other warm, wonderful, and wise women of faith. I loved hearing from women at different stages of motherhood—their struggles and the practical ways they made their faith an integral  part of their family lives. I felt the grace of Our Lord and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.


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